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Feed In Tariff

pvmodule_img1The UK Government has a legal obligation through membership of the EU to produce 15% of UK PLC's electricity from renewable sources by the year 2020.


Source: Renewable Energy Strategy from DECC


To meet this target, the Government has introduced a Feed in Tariff (FIT) similar to other EU governments, e.g. Spain & Germany, to encourage the take-up of renewable technologies by offering financial incentives for individuals and companies who install MCS accredited products using MCS accredited installers.


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FIT Basics (4kWp System Example)

The feed in tariff has three financial benefits.

  • For every unit (kWh) of electricity your system produces, your electricity supplier will pay you up to 4.11p whether you use it or not
  • For every unit (kWh) your system produces which is not used and instead is exported to the grid, your electricity supplier will pay you 4.91p.
  • Every unit (kWh) of electricity produced by the PV system and used in the home, is free of charge, as it would cost
    approximately 15p from your electricity supplier.

Click here for a simple illustration of how the FIT works  


Payback Times

We always offer a detailed financial breakdown of costs and payback time and earnings with every quote we prepare, but these are based on individually designed systems which are specific to your site, your requirements and the specific calculated output of your system, given your site specific considerations.


Battery systems and other energy saving devices are now able to increase your self-consumption of your free solar energy, thus maximising your savings.


Battery systems can also provide energy security if you live in an area prone to power cuts or a weak grid supply.




Financial Details

The FIT can provide tax-free income, for generated and exported energy, based on current FIT rates.*1


The FIT replaces the Clear-Skies grant which paid a maximum one-off payment of £ 2,500 if several energy-saving and efficiency measures (costing several hundred pounds) were implemented.


Feed in tariff details:

  • Guaranteed payments for 20 years by the UK Government
  • Tax-Free income
  • Index linked to the RPI inflation index
  • Different FIT payments apply to different renewable technologies and different types of Solar PV
  • Retro-fit (occupied before the installation) and new build Solar PV panels command the maximum FIT payment
  • FIT payments return approximately 4-12% on the investment (for up to 4kWp systems)
  • Whatever level the FIT payment is at when your system is connected to the grid is the level at which it is paid for the next 20 years


*1 Dependent upon the installation specifics and the size and efficiency of the Solar PV system.


The table below outlines the Solar PV FIT payments:


Band (kW)   


Standard Generation Tarrif (p/kWh)



Multi-Installation  Tarrif (p/kWh)



Lower Tarrif for EPC below level D (p/kWh)

  4.11    3.70   0.58
>10-50kW   4.32    3.89   0.58
>50-250kW   2.21    1.99   0.58
>250-1000kW   1.83    1.83
>1000kW   0.58    0.58   0.87
Stand-alone   0.58    0.58   0.87


* Please note, these are the current tariffs for eligible installations with an Eligibility Date on or after 01-01-17 and before 31-03-17.


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